05 May

Squirrel’s Nest in the Attic? Best Advises on How to Remove it

Squirrels nest in the attic? Best advises how to remove it written by: nimerudi Having squirrels in the attic can be a pain because you’re limited in the methods you can use to get rid of them. Whatever method you use, make it as humane as possible, so you don’t end up harming the creatures. The law also protects the animals so you may need to check your local laws to see what they allow or don’t allow. To remove squirrels from your attic, use these simple and safe ways.

1. Use of repeater traps

Before setting the trap, seal all the entry points the squirrels could be using to gain entry into the attic and leave only one opening. Place your trap on this one entry. Expect success in trapping the squirrels at night and early morning as the creatures are mostly nocturnal. So frequently check your trap during these times.
After trapping, the next move would be to relocate the squirrel. Ensure your local municipal laws allow it though. Relocate them to a far off place, preferably 15 miles or more away. Relocating them nearer than that may see them finding their way back to your home.

2. Use of one exit doors

These allow the squirrels to leave the attic but not to re-enter. Eventually, all the creatures will leave, and your attic will be free of them. They take the form of a flap that lifts easily to allow the squirrels to exit but they cannot get it to do so for entry. Another one takes the form of a funnel; the wider part fixed to the wall having the entry hole. This allows the squirrels to leave, but the narrow mouth prevents entry.

3. Use of scaring lights and sounds

Electronic flashing lights scare squirrels and make the stay away from your attic. Sounds, especially human voice. You can place a radio to continually produce the sounds by tuning it to a station that is mostly talking. This fools the creatures into thinking the there’s presence of humans forcing them to look for another home. Some commercial sounders are available that emit a note only audible to the squirrels. The sound is high pitched and makes the attic an unbearable place to live in for the squirrels.

4. Use of repellants

They come in a variety of types, and the idea is to repel the creatures by use of unpleasant smells and tastes. They’re the best to ensure squirrels do not chew on things in the attic and cause damage. You can buy them from pest control shops.

After you’ve gotten rid of squirrels from your attic, clean it up with a decontaminant and deodorize it to remove any smell of the creatures. This will prevent squirrels from invading it again. Practice, also, control measures that ensure you don’t attract the animals in the first place