Squirrel removal Guelph. We trap and remove nuance squirrels from attics, roofs, sheds or anywhere else using humane but effective squirrel removal techniques. We not only trap and remove but also seal all entry points, repair and clean the affected areas.

  • Inspect problem
  • Trap squirrels
  • Seal entry points

Our squirrel removal process is proven, our work is professional and our services are guaranteed. Call us now to schedule an inspection: (519) 900-1180

Squirrels are very skilled survivors that have adapted to urban and suburban environments effectively. Our homes, roofs, sheds are just like extensions of their own environment. As a result they often live, breed and feed in attics and roofs.

In the process, they can cause serious damage to your property. Squirrel damage can range from making holes to your roof that can cost thousands in repair costs, to chewing electrical wiring in your attic that can lead to serious dangers like fires. Untreated, squirrels can quickly strip wires in your attic down to the copper.


squirrel removal guelph

Squirrels commonly den in busy urban and suburban areas, and tend to do even better in these areas where there is ample food and shelter, like in Guelph, than more remote natural habitat. Squirrels give birth twice a year, in the spring (January-April) and in the fall (August-September). There are 2-4 babies per litter. Squirrels have two breeding seasons per year, and most breeding occurs in December – February and May – June of each year. Females can have two litters per year, one from each breeding season.

The best approach for removing squirrels is to first a complete home inspection, roof and attic to identify where the squirrels are entering, what damage they are causing and if there is any nesting or feces that needs to be removed. Squirrel removal is also necessary because squirrels leave behind potentially harmful bacteria.

Squirrel removal is the only way to make your home or building safe and healthy again. Call squirrel removal Guelph for a consultation: (519) 900-1180.

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