Raccoon Removal Guelph. Raccoons along with other potentially rabies carrying animals like to scavenge through garbage, making homes a perfect target. Whether you suspect that you have squirrels in your attic, raccoons in your attic, or rodents in your attic, give us a call.

We are trained and experienced nuisance raccoon removal Guelph operators using decades of experience to give you peace of mind. We use humane trapping techniques to capture and remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, crawlspaces, basement, sheds and every other place raccoons choose to occupy.

Raccoons can be one of the most destructive animals in Guelph as they create havoc in almost every space they occupy. They are known to damage roofs and shingles, tear insulation, chew on wiring and cause a variety of disturbances around the clock. Raccoons are active all night and are known to keep their reluctant hosts up all night.

We humanely trap and remove raccoons, seal off entry points and make sure you won’t have to deal with these pests again. Call raccoon removal Guelph today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection: (519) 900-1180.

If you are not certain you are dealing with raccoons, visit our service page to make sure.