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Mice removal services in Guelph. We treat residential and commercial clients for mice and rats. Our treatment for mouse infestations usually consists of the application of bait stations coupled with thorough exclusion process on the affected area.

We only treat infestations that can be controlled. There is no point in treating an area if the mice are going to come back in. Our technicians will take extra care in making sure all entry points mice can use to enter your space are sealed. Then we take the necessary steps in controlling the population.

We offer effective mouse control solutions in Guelph.

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If you have seen a mouse in your house you might want to take action as soon as possible. It might be a small sign of a much larger problem. Mice adapt to new situations easily and reproduce rapidly. A mouse becomes sexually mature at around 2 months, can produce several litters of up to 12 young in a litter and keep right on doing it.

If you have noticed what appears to be a rat, you should contact a professional immediately. Rats are much more difficult to control than mice.

Mice spread fleas and their pee and feces is associated with one or two diseases. One of the most common diseases that is carried by mice is Typhus (Murine Typhus Fever).

Mice are a hazard in and around human habitat for several reasons. They cause severe damages on the property front by destroying items that they don’t even intend to eat and on the health front, are serious health risks to have around the home. They carry and transmit several serious diseases and no matter how you look at it, the presence of mice in homes is never a good idea.

Now, having them as pets is a different story, as owners tend to take care of the cleanliness factor and ensure that the tiny rodents are not suffering from any diseases that they are capable of transmitting. As pests though, mice are surely a serious problem on several fronts.

At Pest Control Guelph, we have all the necessary resources to deal with a mice infestation. Our trained technicians are adept at tracking down hidden mice and exterminating the mice population in your home in a systematic manner.

After the treatment, we also sanitize the affected areas to keep you, your family and your pets safe from any potential infections. We then follow up our entire exercise with proofing solutions that seal off any entry and exit points that the mice may have been using. This is an important step that helps avoid future infestations.

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If mice return within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free.  At Pest Control Guelph, we have made it our business to keep your home and business pest free.

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Our company is fully licensed by the ministry of environment. To protect the environment, we don’t use pesticides that are unnecessary. Our technicians use pesticides safely and only if necessary to minimize the impact on the environment.

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Mice as Health Hazards

Mice are known carriers of highly dangerous pathogens and some of these diseases are even capable of causing epidemics with high fatalities. A mouse may look an innocent and harmless rodent, but the diseases it carries and transmits to human beings and other animals make it a serious health hazard to have around.

Mice can spread a wide range of diseases by coming in contact with us, through their feces and urine, or simply by contaminating surfaces and food. Even the contaminated dust containing the bacteria or viruses spread by mice can pass on some of these infections.

The most serious diseases that mice are capable of spreading are Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPV), Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis (LCM), Bubonic Plague, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonella and Tularemia. Some of these disease even prove to be fatal in the absence of adequate or timely medical attention.

Therefore, you should never take lightly the presence of mice around your property.

Mice and Property Damage

Mice are not only perpetual risks on the health front, but also cause financial losses on the property front. Even if you have mice at home and cannot find any damage to prove that they are up to some mischief, you can be sure that the damage they are doing on the sly will come to the fore sooner or later. Mice are, by nature, curious creatures and their way of finding out more about an object is to chew on it, and eventually destroy it.

Mice chew on hidden utility wires in residential as well as commercial properties, sometimes even causing the electrical system to break down. They shred important papers and books with their sharp teeth. They chew on household items that they don’t even intend to eat, and moreover, also waste the food that they could eat!

Highly destructive and wasteful, mice cause severe financial losses in homes as well as businesses, and it is always a bad idea to allow mice to set up shop on our property. Even when there is a single mouse, which you assume cannot cause much damage, you will be surprised to note just how much havoc even a single member of this rodent species can wreak.

Why Hire a Professional Pest Control Exterminator

Mice are highly intelligent creatures and the solutions that may otherwise work with other pests may not necessarily get the job done in the case of mice. Highly evasive and great at staying under cover, mice also have exit strategies in place. So, if they find trouble brewing on a property, they will make a quick escape temporarily, only to return later once they know that everything is fine.

Therefore, a comprehensive Mice Removal procedure should not only involve the elimination of the mice that are present on the property, but should also involve the sealing of the entry and exit points that mice use. Only then can the problem truly end.

Moreover, DIY techniques can also go terribly wrong. Setting a mouse trap is a task in itself, and there is always a chance of suffering an injury while setting these snap traps. Pets and children too are susceptible to get curious regarding these traps, a move that could result in terrible consequences. Even when these snap traps or even glue traps work, there is always the distasteful task of getting rid of the dead or live mice.

For these reasons and more, professional pest control agencies like Pest Control Guelph are the best options when you have a mice infestation on your hands.

Pest Control Guelph

At Pest Control Guelph, you will find just the Mice Control solution you are looking for to rid your property of its mice infestation. Whether you have a single mouse troubling you, or several mice bringing your house down, our trained technicians are well-equipped to handle every kind of mice problem.

When it comes to numbers, a mice infestation often turns out to be larger than homeowners initially assume. This is because mice are a pro at hiding and staying out of sight. Therefore, the extermination process must first begin with a thorough inspection to find out the actual number of mice invading your property. After a systematic extermination, our technicians at Pest Control Guelph get rid of the treated or trapped mice in a safe manner and then sanitize the affected areas to ensure that your home is free from any health risks the presence of these creatures may be posing.

Thereafter, our comprehensive pest control package also includes the proofing of your home by sealing possible entry and exit points that the mice may have been using to move in and out of your property. This is a necessary step to avoid future infestations.

So, if you have a mice problem you are worrying about, call us today, and we will offer you an all-round solution that is affordable and discreet too.

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