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We guarantee every extermination and provide a 6 month warranty to prove what population is there is going to be gone. Our technicians are fully licensed by the ministry of environment and have the training and know how needed to get rid of cockroaches.

Coping with cockroaches is significant as their colonies can grow fast from the small difficulty to the full blown infestation. Additionally it’s important to really have the issue dealt with as cockroaches are proven to be hosts of disease carrying bacteria that could be the cause of gastroenteritis, dysentery, salmonella and diarrhea amongst others. The microorganisms causing these problems are carried in the legs and bodies of the roach.

Sometimes, roaches can be the cause for health problems. They can trigger allergies and asthma.

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What You Need to Know About a Cockroach Infestation

Proper cockroach extermination is important because these pests are exceptionally adaptable. This means that a small population can quickly grow into an infestation. Most roaches can feed on nearly every kind of organic matter. That is why you should contact a cockroach exterminator even after the smallest sign of an infestation. They’re fast breeders; simply a couple of roaches can turn into a problem in a matter of days.

Sustained sightings of adult and juvenile cockroaches is a fairly good indicator that they’re breeding successfully. If you choose to manage the difficulty by yourself, keep in your mind that in certain cases roaches even reveal tolerance to over the counter extermination procedures and extermination products.

Cockroaches are synonymous with unhygienic environments and their presence in any setting gives the place a bad reputation. Even so, cockroaches are found everywhere. Whether it is a home or a commercial establishment with enough feeding opportunities, or outdoors, cockroaches create a nuisance in almost every location.

Apart from their presence which in itself is irritating, cockroaches also move easily from one filthy surface to another with ease. In the process, they carry several pathogens on their bodies and act as active disease vectors. They then come in direct contact with the food we eat, or other surfaces we usually assume to be clean, and leave behind these disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

The shed skin, saliva and droppings of these insects act as allergens too, thus inducing allergic symptoms and even asthmatic attacks in patients prone to these conditions.

These reasons and more make cockroaches undeserving insects to have around the household or business and at Pest Control Guelph, we have just the right resources to get rid of these pests. Our licensed and fully insured technicians correctly identify the species of cockroach infesting your property and then lay down an efficient plan to exterminate these pests.

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Cockroaches: Facts and Types

Cockroaches have been on the planet for millions of years and are pioneers when it comes to evolution and adaptation techniques. Today, more than 4,600 species of cockroaches can be found all over the globe, and these insects thrive in the coldest to the hottest regions of the world.

Thankfully, only around 30 of these species interact with human habitat, and join the list of pests that make life difficult for human beings.

In North America, the most common species of cockroaches that have been identified as pests are the American Cockroach, the German Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach, the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach the Brown-Banded Cockroach, and the Smokybrown Cockroach.

American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches measure around 50 millimeters in length and reddish brown or mahogany in color. These cockroaches mostly live outdoors and prefer to reside in damp areas like mulch and other soggy places. They are a common occurrence in sewers. American cockroaches can also reside in homes or other commercial properties if they find areas that suit their living conditions. However, even if they do not live indoors, they are often found here on their foraging expeditions.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches are smaller, and measure between 13 to 16 millimeters. These cockroaches are often found indoors and prefer warm areas of the property which also have higher humidity levels. German cockroaches are infamous for their varied diet and in the absence of their favorite foods, can survive on just about anything, including items like soap and toothpaste.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-Banded Cockroaches are small in size and measure between 11 and 14.5 millimeters in length. They prefer warmer and highly humid environments and may be found in ceilings, attics, enclosed spaces in garages or other similar locations. Although these cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, you may occasionally find them foraging for food during the day.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches measure between 25 and 32 millimeters and are found both outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoors, you can find them under piles of leaves, mulch, damp stones or other decaying debris. In homes, you can often find Oriental cockroaches in damp wall spaces or beneath porches. Sewers and drains are also favorite haunts.

Smokybrown Cockroaches

Smokybrown Cockroaches measure up to 38 millimeters in length and are great at flying. This species of cockroach is highly dependent on water for survival and is often found in areas that have a high content of water or moisture. They feed on leftovers, dead insects, decaying plants and even fecal matter.

The behavioral characteristics of each species of cockroach are different from the other and therefore, the extermination process too revolves around these particular aspects associated with each type of cockroach. Identifying the species of cockroach helps in tracking down the possible hiding places of these insects as well as their feeding locations, and these factors then help in streamlining the pest control process.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

Cockroach control methods involve several steps, and DIY techniques rarely get into the details when it comes to the extermination of these scavengers. Firstly, the identification of cockroaches is an essential step in cockroach control and removal, as the species of cockroaches tell you a lot about their feeding, hiding and nesting habits. Some species of cockroaches prefer to live in locations near drains and sewers etc. while others prefer to find drier locations. Some are found only in specific locations while others can be found all over the house.

Therefore, since the identification of cockroaches is essential for their proper extermination, the trained technicians that work for professional pest control agencies like Pest Control Guelph are often the most reliable personnel to undertake this task. Moreover, DIY techniques only manage to kill the cockroaches that are easily found, whereas the truth is that cockroaches are great at hiding. A proper extermination procedure therefore involves annihilating even the hidden cockroaches on a property.

In addition to these details, the egg cases of cockroaches are required to be found and destroyed too. Otherwise, even if the current population of cockroaches is brought under control, these eggs could hatch and wreak havoc through a fresh infestation.

Cockroach Removal Guelph

At Pest Control Guelph, we know just how harmful and unhygienic cockroaches can be, and our licensed and fully insured technicians are just the personnel you need to rid your property of a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are extremely adept at hiding and often, the numbers you notice scavenging around your property are only a small percentage of the actual population that are in hiding in remote corners of your home or commercial establishment.

The correct identification of cockroaches is essential before devising the right pest control methods too and our technicians have all the expertise and experience to undertake this task. Our services are safe and discreet and in addition to extermination, we also carry out proofing tasks to keep your property safe from future infestation.

So, if you are up against a cockroach infestation, call us today for a prompt inspection appointment and a comprehensive solution to your cockroach problems.

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