Pest Control Guelph

Pest Control Guelph. Fully licensed, full service pest control and wildlife removal company operating in Guelph Ontario. Experienced technicians offer guaranteed services for a variety of structural pests and solutions to wildlife problems.  Every pest control service is backed by a 6 month warranty and wildlife removal by a minimum of 2 years. Our technicians can effectively deal with any pest control problem ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Call: 519-900-1180

We serve Guelph and the surrounding area. Contact us for a consultation and to schedule an inspection.

Our pest control services include:

• Bed Bugs

Our treatments are comprehensive and involve the use of heat, steam and insecticide. We guarantee the extermination bed bugs and offer a written guarantee for our services.

• Mice

As a fully licensed company we use commercial grade rodenticides that are not available to the general public. Our services are effective, and are guaranteed.

• Cockroaches

Full spray crack and crevice treatments for all cockroach problems. We use top of the line equipment and commercial grade insecticides to eliminate the problem for good.

• Ants

Whether it is pavement, carpenter, pharaoh or any other type of ant you are calling the right people. We will send ants packing. Our services are guaranteed and are backed by our 6 month warranty.

Our extermination services are all backed by our warranty. Call pest control Guelph to make sure you don’t deal with pests again. Schedule an inspection: 519-900-1180

Exterminator Guelph dealing with all types of seasonal and year round pests.